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As a law office with extensive experience in the music and comedy sectors, we have for many years hired American entertainers on behalf of our Canadian clients. Through this process, we began assisting some of these entertainers in processing their Canadian tax waivers. Appreciating our work, non-resident entertainers began hiring our office directly to process tax waivers for all of their performances in Canada; many of these relationships still exist today. Our expertise in this area of managing non-resident entertainers’ Canadian tax responsibilities has even resulted in our representation of these entertainers in Canadian Tax Court regarding their general tax disputes with the CRA. Part of why we believe it is to the advantage of non-resident entertainers to apply for tax waivers is to help maintain good standing with the CRA and avoid such disputes. Over the past decade, we have witnessed the greater attention that the CRA has paid to non-resident entertainers and it is only growing in importance that non-resident entertainers’ Canadian tax matters are appropriately addressed.

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